Custom Designs

Your Custom Design is Welcome at Gemico

When no one else has a dash kit for your car, truck, or whatever you want to customize, Gemico will gladly custom make that kit for you with one of our 80 plus material selection.
Here is how it works:

You need to provide us with templates of your design made of poster board or heavy paper stock.

Design: Your template must be accurate, as Gemico will duplicate the exact dimensions of your design. If your template does not fit, the parts we make for you wont fit either.

When making a custom design keep in mind that although our material is very flexible, it has some limitations. If you attempt to bend it in all directions at the same time excess material will result in negative contact and poor appearance. Basically it will do what ever a piece of paper does when you bend it. Keep in mind that you are responsible for the permanance and the limitation of your design.

Costing: Upon receiving your template Gemico will call you with a free estimate based on square inches and material type used to manufacture your design. The estimate is provided free of charge. If you accept the estimate and wish to proceed with your order we require a 50% deposit prior to processing your order and a description of year, make and model the design is made for.

Turn Around Time: Although our production varies due to volume fluctuations please expect a minimum of one week and up to three weeks from "receiving date" to "ready to ship" date.