Professional Dash Trim
Installation Instructions


IMPORTANT:  If you are using a heat gun follow instructions as written.  If you are heating the trim pieces on the dash defroster area of car, read step 5 first and then proceed with steps 1 through 7.


1.     Clean receiving surface 3 times using Windex with Ammonia D or Rubbing Alcohol.



Using a new lint free paper towel each time clean dash surface a minimum of 3 times or until you

are certain there is no dirt oroils on the surface of dash parts to be covered.  Dash  dressing or

Armor all will damage dash kit on contact and VOID WARRANTY.  To be certain that dash is

clean and ready for adhesive promoter application, test surface with a piece of masking tape – if

tape doesn’t stick well repeat step 1.



2.     Apply adhesive promoter.


Adhesive promoter must be applied to dash surface before you apply dash kit.  It is available through Gemico.  IMPORTANT:  Adhesive promoter is applied to dash surface not dash kit.  Also, be careful not to apply promoter outside area being covered, as it may discolor or change appearance of surface.  A pencil mark around trim can be used as a guide.  Cost for promoter single use applicator is $1; most installations require 2.  Felt tip pens are $7 and can be used for approximately 7 installations. 


 3.     Dry Fit


Poor alignment can ruin the appearance of any dash kit.  Applying a piece of trim should only be done after dry fitting and memorizing the best position.  A poorly aligned trim piece cannot be removed and reused.


4.     Peel


Peel red 3M backing from dash trim one piece at a time.  Avoid finger contact with tape surface once red backing is removed.  Peel and apply only 1 piece of trim at a time to avoid parts sticking together.


5.     Heat                           


The 3M acrylic foam tape is saturated with a super strong adhesive.  The adhesive will liquefy and move to the surface when heated, therefore, maximum adhesion is achieved when kit is applied warm. Also, a warm kit becomes flexible and is easier to apply to contoured areas.  If installation is performed outside a showroom or garage, start vehicle, adjust position on a/c control to hot and to defrost.  Place un-peeled trim parts on top of dash and allow to warm while you clean and prepare dash surface.  After 7 minutes of exposure to maximum heat setting on top of dash, kit is now ready to install.  If vehicle is in showroom and cannot be started, use a heat gun after steps 2, 3, and 4 are performed.  IMPORTANT:  When using a heat gun use low position and keep a distance of 8” away from kit, using a waving and circular motion to avoid over heating kit.  Gentle and radiant heat is recommended.  Remember to heat adhesive side, not face of kit.


6.     Apply


Position and apply trim piece working your way from one side to the other.  Avoid bulging in the middle of kit by keeping a little tension as you apply.


7.     Press


After applying each trim piece make sure you press all surfaces of trim piece to ensure proper contact and seal.

Finally, do not rush any of the above  procedures.  If you are in doubt about any installation procedure, please call us anytime for free technical assistance at (888) 960-9663


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