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Hydroclad Decorative Services by Gemico




**Interior dash trim parts, shifter knobs
** Exterior mirrrors & door sill plates
**Engine compartment plastic parts, air cleaners, battery covers, etc.
**Rims and wheel covers
**Headlights, tail lights
**Helmets, motorcycle gas tanks, fenders etc.
**Computer keyboards, monitor casings
**Guitars, gas tanks, etc.
[]And lots of other possibilities!![]

The Hydroclad Process




Is a process where any solid plastic, metal, glass etc part can be decorated with an array of wood grain patterns, and regular or colored carbon fiber look. The following are only a few of the endless uses for this process.

Pros to this process


By far the highest quality results are achieved since the whole actual part is decorated and clear coated with automotive grade finish.  This process does not require any mold or tooling cost .any part sent to Gemico can be decorated .  This process allows the decorating of nearly any  3-dimenional part like an outside mirror, a helmet or a shifter knob convex, concave etc..

This process allows you to choose nearly any color wood grain or carbon fiber, simply by manipulating background base color before the decorative film is actually applied to your part.

Cons to this process

It requires the parts you want decorated to be sent to our facility.  Also it requires the removal of electric switches, sensors, lenses vents or any part that can not be submerged in water, as immersion in water is part of the process

You must factor the cost of removing and reinstalling of parts from vehicle   You must factor shipping cost to and from our facility back to you.  You must factor turn around time is 7 to 14 days

Cost is considerably higher than our flat kits since the process is very labor intensive and not a lot different than performing body work and paint on a car.

Again, this process results in a 100% better look and quality than any flat or molded kit on the market today, however Gemico understands that every customer has a budget and that is the reason Gemico is the only manufacturer that offers every possible way to customize your dash.

For additional information about this process please call our friendly customer service at

888 960 9663


 Hydroclad Core Exchange Policy

As a courtesy to our customers, Gemico has purchased certain models of cores for your convenience.  In order for this program to benefit our customers we must ask that the cores be received within 2 weeks of the date shipped, otherwise full credit will not be issued according to the date the core is received back as illustrated below.

Amount of credit issued if core is received back within:     

2 weeks

full credit

3 weeks

50% of credit
4 weeks
core return no longer accepted

Also,  the core being returned must be in original factory condition.  If there have been any holes drilled for alarm systems, cell phone holders or any modifications to the dash, full credit will not be issued.

Many Gemico customers are now purchasing their own cores to take advantage of this lucrative decorating service.  If you are serious about selling the best quality dash kit on the market through your business and you are specialized in truck or SUV accessories, Gemico highly recommends investing into your own cores as this will help you to complete the sale and results in you receiving a core back from your customer that you can send to us for decorating.  If you have any questions about this program, please call Debbie at Gemico.