Molded Installation Instructions



Clean the specific dash areas that are to be covered by the trim thoroughly with Isopropyl Alcohol. The surface area should be free of lint or dirt, and more specifically silicone based "Vinyl Treatment Products". These products leave a silicone residue that will greatly reduce adhesion.

Caution!!! Vehicles that have been treated with Vinyl Treatments need to be thoroughly cleaned until the surface area is dull in appearance, and there is no feel of residue to the touch of your fingers. Special care should be taken on any used vehicle. The surface can be tested with a piece of masking tape in order to see if it will adhere.



Apply 3M #4298 Adhesive Promoter to all areas being covered by the Trim Components. Allow to dry (5 minutes) before applying trim pieces

Caution!!! Adhesive Promoter is corrosive, be careful not to drip it onto any area not being covered by the Dash Trim, as it will permanently discolor whatever it comes in contact with. Rubber Gloves are recommended during this process. Preparation for adhesion is the most important factor in a quality installation.



With a Standard Utility Knife catch the corner of the Red Liner on the 3M tape and remove on all pieces.  Once the Red Liner is completely removed, use the "Dash Spray" provided and lightly mist the tape surface. This will reduce the tape tack upon initial contact, and will help reduce premature contact that can prevent the dash from fully bottoming-out.

Once you are comfortable with placement, apply the overlay straight and even, not right to left, or left to right. Press down, applying gentle to moderate pressure until the part is in place. Once the product is in place, inspect all areas for adhesion and gently press down on any areas required. After installing the trim do not handle for a period of 72 hours.



Now that you have successfully installed molded dash trim, keep it looking like new by following these simple care instructions.

  • Clean using a dirt free towel polish dash using water, or standard household Window Cleaner.
  • Avoid Vinyl Treatment products.